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Spanish Language & Culture

An important part of every culture is the architecture and decoration of our cities and buildings. Here in Sevilla, and Andalucía overall, the ceramic tiles have always adorn our walls and floors, beeing part of our muslim heritage.

Yesterday, the students from the Language and Culture program got to learn about the history of it and the different techniques that exist regarding its creation. All of that while creating their own tile! They had so much fun choosing their designs and learning the proper way to use the paint and the brushes in those materials. It was very interesting seeing them choose their drawings, having seen so many different styles and compositions after visiting several historical places such as el Alcázar de Sevilla, la Alhambra de Granada o the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, also in Seville. Not only that, mixing those styles with their on perspective and creativity. They really got to enjoy it.

It was an amazing activity for the kids, allowing them to express themselves and have a creative outlet, getting to be the ones creating the content instead of just observing or studying it.