Piñatas and more Piñatas

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Spanish Language & Mexican Culture

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Eblin Molina

Our students knew about piñatas. They had seen piñatas before, but this time they had a great time making some! They had a lot of fun planning the colors and the design of their piñatas. They were very creative and worked together. The piñatas they made are very colorful and they look very pretty. In a few days, we will fill them up with candies and break them. I am sure everybody will enjoy having a chance to hit a piñata, break it, and eat candy! We will do this in a few days.

Piñatas are a big part of Mexican culture. They are present at many different celebrations, such as, birthday parties, christenings, Day of the Dead, Christmas, fairs, carnivals, and much more. It is great that we all had the opportunity to learn how to make beautiful piñatas!