Picnic Time in Phoenix Park

Today I got some great insights on our trip from our fabulous student, Vaneeza Siddiqui.  She reflected on today's activities and the program overall since we are about halfway through!  Here are Vaneeza's thoughts: 

What drew you to the entrepreneurship program and how are you enjoying the class? 

Entrepreneurship is a field I've always wanted to learn about.  I chose this specific program because the learning content seemed very interesting.  The classes really get me to use my brain and project allows us to be creative.

What was your favorite part about the visit to Phoenix Park and the Dublin Zoo?

My favorite part of the zoo was seeing the Southern White Rhino because it was a species we hadn't seen before.  I also enjoyed the park.

What's your favorite thing about the trip overall so far? 

Overall, I have enjoyed the presence of my fellow global navigators because it is very comforting to be around people who welcome you. 

Vaneeza is a rising junior from Chicago, Illinois. 

As a side note, our group will be traveling to Westport and Galway for the next few days.  Expect more blog updates when we return!

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