Paris, Je t'aime!

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Ami Hauser

Ami Hauser



Everyone has arrived and students are settling in at their host families' homes.  The first two days have been busy!  From orientation at the study center, to getting to know their host families, to navigating the metro and to practicing their French,  the students are quickly learning what life as a foreign exchange student in Paris is all about!


 Bonne Nouvelle - The Metro Station at our CIEE study Center!  
Navigating the metro!


Tuesday the entire group had a delicious 3 course lunch together in a beautiful French restaurant.  On the menu was quiche lorraine, salmon and strawberry sorbet.  C'était délicieux! The students had a great time getting to know each other, trying new foods and communicating (en français bien sûr!) with the wait staff! 

Le déjeuner français!

After lunch our group went on a boat ride down the Seine river.  The weather was beautiful and we took lots of great photos!   Our guide pointed out the Louvre, Notre Dame and of course the iconic Eiffel Tower and explained the history of these landmarks.

We passed under the oldest bridge in Paris which ironically is named "Pont Neuf", the new bridge.   What a great introduction to the beautiful city of Paris!

La Tour Eiffel!
Our Group on the Paris boat ride!


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