Our first Day, Orientation & Getting to know each other.

Authored by:
Nawfal Talib


Our wonderful participants had a chance to start their orientation day at one of our local restaurants on the outskirts of Rabat. They had a chance to try some wonderful Tagines for lunch, we then moved on and started to get to know each other. Our second day consisted of a visit to Rabat where we toured some of the wonderful sites in Rabat including The Tour Hassan. The mosque is strategically placed on the high south bank of the Bu Regreg river to provide an imposing spectacle visible for miles around. Since the area surrounding was suburban at the time of construction and lacked the population to regularly fill the mosque, historians have been led to believe that it was meant to serve the Almohad troops who gathered here before setting off on campaigns and possibly even to serve double-duty as both a place of worship and as a fortress.

Our participants started their learning journey by assimilating the basic communication skills in Darija and practiced amongst themselves. They then went into the community visiting with flower shop owners, Fruits, and Vegetables stand where they practiced how to ask in Darija: " What is your name", " Where are you from", " How old are you". Also responding in Darija and practicing how to answer the same questions including their age, city, state that they are from.

It was an amazing experience and the participants were involved in the community and their adventures continue..........








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