Our Adventure to China Town

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Spanish Language & Argentinian Culture

We had to take a long bus ride to the Belgrano neighborhood to come see ChinaTown in Argentina. It is the center core of the Chinese community in Argentina. It has several Chinese restaurants, oriental grocery stores, and a Buddhist temple all in a 5 block radius in Argentina. To enter this community you have to go through a huge arch, that was a gift for the Argentina Bicentennial. The students had to walk through the arches that are adorned with dragons at the top and carved stone lions at the base. Once you pass under the arch, you can see oriental shops, street food and supermarkets on both sides of the street. 


Students were able to have lunch in ChinaTown with their friends. There was such a variety to choose from hole-in-the-wall to high-end restaurants. There were street foods like shui jian bao (dumplings), Zongzi (rice dumplings), Run Bing (Taiwanese burrito), and many Ramen shops. There also were some authentic Chinese and Taiwanese food in some restaurants. However, I saw many of our students ordering bao at Bao Kitchen, Koeran corn dogs at PUPPO, and bubble tea at Oh! Tea ChinaTown. 


They enjoyed their visit to China Town while learning about a different culture in Argentina.