Our 1st Walking Tour & Las Setas with L & C

Authored by:
Cynthia Sánchez

As we begin to venture out with our students for our 1st Cultural Tour in 100 degrees weather, I have to say this group of students are by far the most atentive students. They asked many great questions to our wonderful tour guides and had a nice time learning about and taking pictures of the historical buildings and surroundings. Of course they had time for some selfies, :) .

When we arrived at our final destination of the night at "La Setas" otherwise known as Metropol Parasol their eyes lit up. It was like little kids in a toy store. Our tour guide informed us that is a wooden structure designed by a German architect named Jürgen Mayer in 2011. The students were able to enjoy the best views of the city of Sevilla from the largest wooden structure in the world. The students were able to take pictures with their new friends while enjoying the much needed breeze summer from the upper level. And who doesn't like to end the night with some delicious gelato. 

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