Once Upon a Time..the Mont Saint Michel

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Honors French Language & Culture

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Sophie Cowley

This week the students continued exploring French art and culture  with a visit to one of the most well-known destinations in the world.

Inside the Abbey
Audio Visit


It was an opportunity to head back to medieval time while visiting the UNESCO world heritage site of
Mont Saint Michel. 

On the beach

Did you know?? Mont St Michel is actually not in the region of Brittany but Normandie.

Walk on the beach

In the morning, they spent time exploring the abbey at their own pace using individual audio-guides and learned more about the history and architecture of Mont Saint Michel.

The monastery

After a relaxing lunch break by the sea, the students "ont mis les pieds dans l'eau" (put their feet in the water)
In the afternoon, they hiked barefoot through the sands and rivers of the bay with a guide, and learned about the tides, flora and fauna, traditional activities, and especially the effect of quicksand.

Lunch Break
On top of the Mount