Oh la Ladurée!

Authored by:
Emily Burrus

Emily Burrus

History bite: during the time Baron Haussmann started creating the wide boulevards that make Paris so iconic, in 1862, Louis-Ernest Ladurée opened a bakery in the Madeleine. Soon after, Paris hosted the World Exposition, including a women's pavilion alllowing the first participation of women to the Olympic Games. Jeanne Souchard, Ernest Ladurée's wife, combined coffee and pastries to invent a tea room to encourage the development of women meeting on their own. Its management was handed down from mother to daughter.  It wasn’t until 1930, the Parisian pastry chef Pierre Desfontaines, (grandcousin of the creator of Maison Ladurée) took two macaron shells, filled them with a tasty ganache and created the iconic macaron we now know and love.

La Seine

We took our tasty bite of history by La Seine!  No better place for students to plan their free afternoon than at the heart of the city.

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