Ocarina Fun!

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Chinese Language & Taiwanese Culture

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Ning Zhang

"Todays ocarina experience was pretty fun. We got to blow sounds into this heart shaped instrument and depending on which hole you covered a different sound would come out. The instructor gave us a book which helped us play songs such as ode to joy and twinkle twinkle little star. He also played two songs which were beautiful and made me want to learn how to play. Overall, great experience 10/10! " 

by Djenabou Bah, Bronx Health Sciences High School, New York

"I really enjoyed the ocarina experience. It’s fun how we get to learn different cultures with hands on activities. The instructor was amazing and very patient with us which is deeply appreciated. His performance is also deeply appreciated. Overall 10/10 experience. "

By Tiana Fitzguerald, Amistad Academy, Connecticut 

"On Monday the seventeenth, students of the CIEE high school study abroad program were treated to a unique and engaging experience immersing themselves into the fascinating world of the Ocarina. Students had the great opportunity of being taught by an Ocarina master—showing all the students a few tricky pieces before letting all of the students give it a shot. As you could imagine, the margin of difference was quite high. But as the minutes ticked by, the students became quite comfortable with their Ocarinas, being able to play a few basic melodies. All in all, the students really enjoyed this activity, and were not only treated to lessons, but also a performance of a master at work. In fact, students even got to take their Ocarinas home with an additional booklet with all of the songs they had learned in class!"

by Andrew Lurie, Hall High School, connecticut