No Adiós, sino Hasta Luego Alicante

Authored By:

Eblin Molina

Everything comes to an end, and sadly we have to leave Alicante. However, we don't want to say "goodbye", but "until next time" because we all hope for the opportunity to come back. But for now, it is time to go back home.

It was great to eat lunch as a group on Friday so that we could spend time together, laugh, and cry saying "hasta pronto" to all the great friends we have made. There were great conversations and when we asked students how they would describe their experience with the program, they didn't hesitate to share. Here are just a few responses.

Unforgettable, fun, and adventurous (Camila)  Life changing, memorable, incredible. This program opened my mind. I felt in love with Spain (Abigail) Refreshing, it helped me with my selfconfidence  (Fanta)  Revolutionary (Sylvia)

Thank you to the host families, who taught students about the culture, who cooked great meals for them, who took them places, and who had great conversations with them to help improve their language skills at the same time that participated in their growth. The hugs and tears this morning before leaving to the airport said it all.