Mont Saint Michel Memories!

Authored by:
Jeanelle Wheeler

Jeanelle Wheeler

“Sautez comme un kangourou!” shouted our tour guide.  “Jump like a kangaroo!”  None of us thought we’d be hearing this phrase while hanging out in the bay of the famous Mont St. Michel.  And yet there we were, hopping around the bay’s quicksand in circles with the Harry Potter-esque view of Mont St. Michel illuminated behind us by the morning sun.  

Thanks to the guidance of our guide, we didn’t get buried.  But let this “sink in” - 2.5 million tourists visit Mont St. Michel and its abbey each year in Normandy.  And for centuries before that, it has been a pilgrimage site.  We made our own CIEE pilgrimage today, getting a chance to be guided through the bay, explore the village, and experience an audio guide tour of the abbey.

As we hopped on our big bus this morning for our first day trip of the group, we could feel the excitement in the air.  We were leaving Brittany for the hour-long ride to Normandy…and adventure was brewing.  These are the reflections I wrote down on our bus ride as we left Rennes together for the first time in two weeks:

Check out these photos and the video to explore how we drifted, drove, and dreamt at Mont St Michel today! :)


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