Més que un club: Visiting Camp Nou

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Spanish Language & Culture

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Jacqueline Sulisz

This week our group got to visit the home of F.C. Barcelona,  Camp Nou! As our students walk the streets of Barcelona, Barça flags can be found adorned all around the city from balconies and windowsills.  Soccer, or as known by the Spanish as fútbol, is an integral part of the culture here in Spain and many other countries. On game days, the restaurants in the streets fill with hopeful fans as the watch attentively together hoping to hear the glorious word, "¡GÓL!" Love for soccer is truly something that can bring together so many people.

 The stadium, which opened in 1957 has seating for up to 99,354 and it is now the largest stadium in all of Europe. Our students explored through the musuem as they got to see highlight clips of all the stars that have made the team the icon that it is today including Messi, Maradona, Rondaldinho, and Neymar. We saw how the uniforms have changed throughout the years, the numerous trophies, and even plans for what a new stadium could look like for the club. The club has earned 75 trophies including various titles that were all on display at the stadium's musuem. The best part was getting to see the field and getting the feeling of how it would be to watch a game in the enoromous stadium. Our student's learned that F.C. Barcelona is really "més que un club" or in English, "more than a club"  as it is an integral part of Barcelona's culture.