Meeting Future Leaders

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Leadership & Service in Children's Education

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Kaylee Haskell

After a breakfast filled with crepes, fruits and omelets, it was time to make the thirty minute commute to begin our service-learning journey. The Global Navigators got an inside look into the history and inner workings of the Future Leaders Billa Mahmud Memorial School during their volunteer orientation led by headmistress Madam Mabel. Future Leaders began in 1998 by Billa Mahmud to bring free education into his home community. The school that began with classes being held under a mango tree has now blossomed into a two-story building providing services from daycare all the way to 12th grade.

Future Leaders Billa Mahmud Memorial School
The Global Navigators sit for Future Leaders orientation with Madam Mabel.

The Navigators were scattered throughout each grade level; while some were assisting with lesson plans catered around clauses in class 7, others were tirelessly working to put the toddlers in the creche class down for naptime. 

Students will spend every morning of their three-week journey assisting teachers at Future Leaders and gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience!

Yebehyia Bio!


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