Lunch and a River Boat Cruise

Authored by:
Elaina Loyd

Yesterday students were treated to a fabulous day in Paris! The weather was gorgeous, and we enjoyed every minute of it! 


First, the entire group enjoyed a typical French lunch together at the restaurant Foderer.  We all enjoyed eating a delicious French meal together in a beautiful restaurant! 


Our afternoon cultural activity was to cruise along the Seine River and take in the beautiful sights of Paris. Some of the highlights of this cruise included seeing views of the Musée D’Orsay, Notre Dame Cathedral, and of course the most famous symbol of Paris… the Eiffel Tower! Students enjoyed getting photos with friends of the beautiful sights and just soaking up the beautiful Parisian afternoon! 


Vocabulaire Importante

Le dejeuner- lunch

Bon appétit!- Enjoy your meal! 

Une croisière- a cruise

La Seine-the River that runs through Paris

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