Local Pastries and Homemade Ice Cream at Can Joan de S'Aigo

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Alexander Mazuzan

I´ll be back with a camping trip post tomorrow! For now, enjoy the words of my esteemed colleague, Rachel John, describing the students' experience sampling some traditional Mallorcan delicacies:

Monday through Wednesday of week three, all the students were split up into three groups. Each morning they rotated through three different fun and exciting activities. One of the activities was a trip to Can Joan de S’Aigo, a small family business that has been selling artisanal-locally-made products for the past three hundred years. Can Joan de S'Aigo sells a variety of sweets ranging from typical Mallorcan sweet and/or savory pastries to fresh ice cream. The most famous item being the ensaïmada. Ensaimadas are rolled pastries made of starter dough, flour, water, and lard (specifically the lard from sobrasada, a local pork spread). The ensaïmada is an important dish to Mallorcan culture as it often is served at going away parties, end of year celebrations, and given to loved ones and colleagues as a sign of thanks and gratitude for their presence and work. 

Each student ordered one ice cream (almond, hazelnut, cream, chocolate, meringue milk, or strawberry) Additionally, we ordered many ensaïmadas and "cuartos mallorquines" (a local sponge cake) for everyone to share in tasting. Flip through the photos at the top of the post to see some smiling faces and appetizing eats!