Living it up in Buenos Aires

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Spanish Language & Argentinian Culture

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Elizabeth Owens

We just finished up a busy week in Buenos Aires full of activities.  Students participated in Yoga at a local studio giving them the much deserved opportunity to wind down and relax. They also watched an animated Argentinean film after learning about theatre and film earlier in the week. 

After a restful weekend with host families filled with good conversation and excursions, the theme this week in classes is historical places and neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. It's hard to believe this is our third week in this amazing place!

On Tuesday we visited El Ateneo, housed in the former Grand Spendor Theater building in the historical neighborhood Recoleta.  Presently, it is one of the biggest bookstores in the world and also named the most beautiful book store world wide according to National Geographic. We definitely could not leave Buenos Aires without visiting here.   Students set out in groups on a scavenger hunt learning important facts about this historical place. This was also the perfect place for them to fine tune their speaking skills for their daily community cultural conversations.

Today we head out to one of the most historical and renown neighborhoods in all of Buenos Aires, La Boca. Unlike most neighborhoods with a European flair, this outrageously colorful neighborhood pays tribute to the modern working class which originally consisted mostly of Italian immigrants who were seeking a better life here in Buenos Aires.  Here, you can find some of the best tango in the world and watch the oldest professional soccer team in the city, Boca Juniors. We are ready to get our walking shoes on and head out to this very diverse yet important "barrio" (neighborhood) that defines so much of this city.