A Little Romp Outside the City

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Daniel Audi

The Valpo team has taken a couple trips outside the city to see some other parts of the central Chile.  First, we went to the capital, Santiago.  While there, the team took a cable car up to Cerro San Cristóbal, which offered fantastic views of the city in every direction.  Then after a funicular ride back down and lunch, we visited La Chascona, another house of the famed poet Pablo Neruda.

This past weekend, the team traveled down to Isla Negra and got to visit Neruda's third and final home.  The house was very impressive with its marine-themed decor and spectacular views of the ocean waves crashing against the rocky shore.  We even saw an impressive rainbow and got the spend time taking pictures during sundown on the beach.

The next day, the team traveled to the town of Pomaire, which is famous for its pottery.  The students took a pottery workshop and got to spin the wheel and create their own pieces.  Then after a delicious lunch of pastel de choclo, we traveled to a vineyard and rode bikes on the property.  It was relaxing and fun, with lots of natural beauty to take in.

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