Life in Ghana

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Harriet Browne

Agoo(Meaning Attention in Twi)


Service Learning:  CIEE students were thrilled to reach the following service learning sites on Wednesday: Crystal School of Excellence; Shalom Home Educational Center; and Future Leaders, to begin learning from Ghanaian students and teachers. The Ghanaian school communities welcomed CIEE with open hearts and hands. Each weekday, students spend approximately four hours at their sites. CIEE students can be observed teaching lessons, reading stories, playing games with children, grading papers, and assisting toddlers with their toileting and feeding needs.  Check out some of our service learning photos below:


Activities: After eating lunch at the University of Ghana campus, students either have a Twi language class or Leadership seminar, followed by a cultural activity. Tuesday, students tried their hand at basket weaving, which they learned from Auntie B, an expert Ghanaian basket weaver. Students will never look at a basket the same, as they now appreciate the hard work and skill required to make one successfully. Yesterday, students participated in a cooking workshop at a beautiful home in West Legon, where their cooking skills were on display to cook a dinner of fried chicken, fried ripe plantains, gari (dried grated cassava), beef stew, and fresh salad. Students washed the meal down with a sweet local drink called sobolo (boiled and sweetened hibiscus leaves). In the end, students learned about the love, key ingredients, and teamwork involved in cooking Ghanaian meals. Check out our pictures below:


Next up is a dance workshop, Accra city tour, and a visit to the Cape Coast Slave Castle.





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