Let's go on a Rando!


Our view overlooking the Mediterranean as we hiked. So rad! 

As you know, we visited Port-Vendres this past weekend for a petit repose and vacances! After falling asleep with bellies full of delicious paella and hearts full of the warmth and joie-de-vivre of Southern France, we woke up to more delicious food: coffee, hot cocoa,  and tartines, or toast with artisanal jams and spreads--a traditional French petit-déj (breakfast). Now with bellies full of sugary goodness and hearts pumping with caffeine, we headed to the hills for a six kilometer hike from Port-Vendres to Paulliles to swim in the Mediterranean! 

We couldn't believe our eyes as we looked over the cliffs to see the contrast of the arid mountain landscape against clear blue-green waters...and the occasional naked sun bather. It was an exhausting uphill climb for about the first mile and a half, but I think it was Ya playing Kanye West on her phone that got most of the students through...

And then, just like that, we made it to the sea. It was such a beautiful experience floating in cool waters looking up at cloud speckled skies and vineyards on the mountainsides. We were sad to leave Port-Vendres and we will be terribly sad to leave France altogether, but I think it's safe to say that the world we experienced here, we'll take home with us and carry long afterward. 

Here's a bonus photo of me frantically rummaging through my bags after getting off the bus in Toulouse thinking I had left my cafar, my French phone, at the rest stop--a panic our students know all too well. You're welcome...

We're almost home! Tonight we have our farewell party and tomorrow, bright and early, we get on our flights home. 

Until next time!


Lana, PL. 

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