Les pâtisseries pour tout le monde!

Authored by:
Tracy Gallo

During week 2, the HSSA Paris students were treated to a baking lesson! They learned how to prepare the dough for cream puffs and éclairs (pâte à choux). They were provided all of the ingredients and under the guidance of a very patient chef, and working together, they mastered these recipes! First they had to prepare the dough, then they had to put it into pastry bags to form it into the choux and éclairs. While they waited for them to rise and bake in the oven, they made the chocolate pastry cream (la crème à la pâtisserie au chocolat) for the éclair filling, the whipped cream (la chantilly) for the cream puff filling, and chocolate fondant to top the éclairs. Once the pastries came out of the ovens, the students had a blast filling them and frosting the éclairs. What was the best part of this experience? We all went home with a box full of the three different pastries to share with host families and friends! Thank you @CIEEParis for organizing such a fun and interactive cultural event. The students have a new appreciation for the art of pastry making!


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