L'Atelier de Hip-Hop!

Authored by:
Hussna Ali

Hussna Ali

Coucou tout le monde! 

Program leader Hussna here! We're already halfway done with the program and time is speeding past us. Two more weeks left, and still so much left to do! 

Last week, we got the opportunity to go to a Hip-Hop workshop. The Hip-Hop workshop had an instructor who animatedly went over the origins and history of Hip-Hop as well as its influence on France. While we didn't get a chance to learn how to break-dance, students had a great time learning about the rhythm and movement for Hip Hop. Students that had extensive dance experience were also able to help model for their peers. By the end of the session everyone gained some sweet new dance moves. This week we’re heading into France’s second “Canicule” which means heat wave. Please wish us luck as we face the 100+ degree weather.  À la prochaine!

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