La Grande Mosquée de Paris

Authored by:
Doreena Fox

Tucked away in the "Jardin-des-Plantes quartier" of the 5th arrondissement stands the Great Mosque of Paris.  With its white walls and green roof, it is said to be the oldest, one of the largest, and the head mosques for all mosques in France.  The students spent the afternoon guided through its many outdoor gardens and fountains, prayer rooms, hallways with floor basins of running water, a library, and a gift shop.  During this visit, the students learned that this majestic "Mosquée de Paris" plays an important role in promoting the visibility of Islam and Muslims in France.  To end the tour, the students were able to sit at the beautiful Mosque café/restaurant, known as "Aux Portes de l'Orient," to enjoy a traditional cup of hot tea!

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