La Cocina Chilena

Authored by:
Daniel Audi

Everyone loves to eat, so why not make it an event?  The Valpo team divided in two, and half of the students participated in a cooking class while the other half showed their creativity in an art workshop (the two groups will swap activities in a few days).  The cooking class took place at a local high school called Liceo María Luisa Bombal that has vocational cooking classes.  The students learned how to make a traditional chicken soup called cazuela de ave and beef empanadas.  The students had a blast and got to partake of the fruit of their labor.  It was seriously delicious, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a program leader and I have to.  It was scrumptious, and the students were proud of their work.  (I heard a few of say things like, "Wow, I can cook!"). 

Keep your eyes out for an upcoming post about the art workshop.

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