La Casa Encendida

Authored by:
Ovie Ojeni

Ovie Ojeni

After a day filled with amusement park fun, we decided to visit a cultural and social center called La Casa Encendida. Each month, this center is filled with modern exhibitions and unique concepts with the sole goal of immersing you in an unparalleled experience.  This week the concept was "Un Encuentro Vegetal"  or in English "A Vegetable Encounter." The goal of the exhibition was to provoke a sense of awareness of our relationship with nature while examining its beauty, complexity, and simplicity at the same time. The students had a blast and even suggest doing a photo contest. The contest: whoever captures the essence of the space in a photo wins. In short, there were many winners. These students have future careers in the arts. Don't sleep on them, folks. Tomorrow we are going to La Casa de Moneda where the popular series Money Heist was filmed. Get ready for another exiting aventure. 

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