A Jump Into the Past, Present, and Future of Ireland!

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Global Entrepreneurship

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Gregory Gaylor

With only a few days remaining in Ireland, the past week has been full of activities, excursions, meetings, conferences, and well, just an educationally fun and exciting time overall. Ireland - what an amazing enivironment in which to be to learn about all things related to Global Entrepreneurship! From a visit to Causey Farm located deep withthin the lush and vast Irish countryside (fun fact: Ireland is 90% farmland) to presentations from the owner and CEO of Brother Hubbard on the ins and outs on how to successfully launch, sustain, and maintain a business steeped in the entrepreneurial spirit  to a day trip to the renown seaside resort town of Dun Laoghaire to a visit to Butlers Chocolate Factory where we were instructed on the details regarding  how to effectively source, manufacture, advertise, and ship luxury chocolates, fudges, and toffees around the world to visit to the Musuem of Archaelogy near Merrion Square to a 2-night stay in Carlingford, a quaint and uniquely Irish village steeped in authentic history spanning thousands of years located in plain view right across the North Atlantic Ocean from Nothern Ireland. Although our time here is quickly coming to an end, Ireland thus far has amazed, impassioned,  provoked, stunned, and astonished. We cannot wait to see the next few days have to offer!