Japanese Language and Culture Program comes to an end...

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Japanese Language & Culture

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Chisa N.

Hello from Tokyo!!

Japanese Language and Culture Program, session 2 is sadly almost over. However, during this program, we gained new experiences and learned much about Japanese and Japanese culture. We of course had so much fun during our stay in Japan, Tokyo.

q2In week 4, we went to Team Lab Tokyo, which is a museum where you can become part of the art by walking through water, gardens, and more. The mix of modern technology and Japanese harmony (和) attracts many people from Japanese to people from overseas. They enjoyed a new experience at the museum where they can feel the mix of technology and the Japanese traditional arts. 

We also had Okonomiyaki which is a pancake-like dish, made by adding various ingredients such as any kind of protein, cabbage, and eggs. Okonomiyaki baked on an iron plate is eaten with sauce, mayonnaise, green laver, etc. They enjoyed baking Okonomiyaki, and interacting with each other while having Okonomiyaki. They got more confidence in speaking Japanese. I could get to see many people talking to waitresses in Japanese at the restaurant which makes me happy. 

We hope that we will enjoy the activities til the end of this program in Tokyo!

Stay tuned for the last blog post!