It's HOT in Barcelona! Weekends on the Costa Brava.

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Gwen Stencler
Empuries 2
Kayaking 3

For the last two weekends, students have had the opportunity to visit Empuries, the site of ancient Greek and Roman ruins.  On the same day, they spent some time kayaking and paddle boarding in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean.

Empuries 1
Kayaking 2
Kayaking on the Costa Brava



On the alternate Saturday, we visited Tibidabo, site of a 19th century church.  We ascended to the top which allowed us to take pictures of the amazing views of the city from the mountains to the sea.   After visiting the church, we had a few hours of fun in the amusement park nestled on the mountain.  From roller coasters to bumper cars, students had fun hanging out with their classmates and new friends. 

Tibidabo 2





Zeke y Aida