Itálica: The First Roman City

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Karina Suarez Luna

Karina Suarez Luna

Today we had the priviledge to visit Itálica, one of the first Roman empires to be part of Spanish land.

The name Itálica was actually inspired and declared by the Romans... Hint: Italy?

During our visit, we had a guided tour which walked us through one of the top 4 biggest Roman colliseums in Europe! (cool right?) We didnt know that until we were there! This place is so cool that it was even used as part of a very famous show (Anyone heard of Game of Thrones?). Well if you have, you will know what I am talking about. But if you don't, I won't spoil. 

Our Global navigators have gotten to step on over 2,000 year old steps, have seen a roman colliseum (not in Italy!!) and have stood where many couples marry in front of Venus, the goddess of love, and have also seen recently discovered mosaics on the ground. (They literally have been discovered this year). 

Cool fact, students also learned about the history of the days of the week in Spanish! (Make sure to ask them about it!). Make sure to also ask them about the SIZE of the homes that the Romans had. It was quite impressive. 

This was our last full group guided tour and kids are starting to feel the bittersweet end that is coming as our 4 week journey is almost over. 




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