Initiation à la Danse Bretonne

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Honors French Language & Culture

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Beth-Ann Alto

Today the Rennes Honors students learned more than a handful of traditional Breton dances from a lovely group of folks. They danced hand-in-hand, or pinkie-in-pinkie, learning moves that involved everyone in a large circle. They also learned partner dances that left them spinning! They danced in groups of four, greeting each person in the group with a courteous nod before creating bridges for others to pass under. One of the most popular dances was in groups of three where there was a lot of twisting and passing under multiple bridges! The students had a great time dancing with various partners and groups. They were laughing and working up quite a sweat! They were surprised by the workout that they got! There are festivals where Breton dance is part of the agenda. Our students will now be equipped with moves to join in if they get the opportunity! Vive la danse bretonne!