To Infinity...And Beyond!

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Jennifer Baldwin

Jennifer Baldwin

Toulouse is known around the world as being the center of France's aerospace industry, and this week our CIEE students got to see first-hand why it has such an interstellar reputation!

The Cité de L'Espace is an interactive museum that students visited to learn more about the Earth and the Universe.  The gardens of the discovery center contain life-sized replicas of spacecraft.  Students were surprised to learn about the difficult training and preparation that is involved in sending astronauts to space.  After touring the museum, students were treated to a 30-minute IMAX documentary that presented a voyage to space taken by Thomas Pesquet, a European Space Agency astronaut.

Although most of the students said that they weren't cut out for an astronaut career just yet, they all agreed that it was good to have some space in their lives!

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