"I'm not a super onion crier"

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Leadership & Service in Children's Education

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Asia Marchaman

After their first official day of service, the Global Navigators continued to flex their inherit leadership skills by taking charge in the kitchen! The group traveled to Patty’s Event Centre to prepare a Ghanaian meal and to learn about the prominent cuisines of the area. Some Navigators prepared the fried rice, some grounded chili pepper and moko (grounded green pepper) and sausage; others bravely chopped the onions needed for rice, peppers, and eggs. While whipping away tears in disbelief, Trinity exclaimed that she was not even “a super onion crier!” as she blinked her way through the task. 

The final product was a dish of Angwa moo (oil rice), sausage, fried egg, avocado, sardines, ground chili pepper, and moko sauce to which the Navigators enjoyed family-style! 


Twi Word(s) of the Day— Ma w’ani nnye w’adidi ho

Ma w’ani nnye w’adidi ho loosely translates to enjoy your meal.