Homestay Family Sneak-Peek

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Yesenia A.

Yesenia A.

Today, we decided to highlight some of our students and their homestay families. Each student was paired up with a Chilean family that lives in Valparaiso or Viña del Mar. Some of our students live in households with children and or pets, while others live with a single, widowed, or retired mother.  

Let’s take a look at some families. 

This is what Elizabeth had to say about her family: “Flor and José are really sweet. They both like going to the beach and walking around the city. So far, we have gone to the lagoon and the cemetery to visit their family. At home Flor makes a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches with either tomato or avocado for the family, and she takes care of their neighbor, Lucas. José works a lot but has time to paint and I have yet to see what he is working on at the house.”

Elizabeth, Flor, and Jose.

This is what Tariah had to say about her family: “My mom, Anne, and my dad, Juan, are so nice and make me feel so comfortable. My mom is very loud, popular, and has a lot of energy just like me; while my dad is more relaxed and reserved. Both are the perfect host parents!”

Juan, Anne, and Tariah.

This is what Olivia had to say about her family: “My mother, Claudia, my father, Alejandro, my brother, Francisco, and my sister, Coty, are all amazing people in my family. I have a cat and a dog that love to explore outside and play with others. As a family, we love to talk and explore the city.”

Olivia, Claudia, Coty, and Francisco.


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