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Karina Suarez Luna

Karina Suarez Luna

We have been in Sevilla for two full weeks now! Kids just got back from their weekend trip to Granada, Spain where they explored the city and got to see one of the top 5 most visited places in Europe, the Alhambra!
But today was a bit different. Today our global navigators got to participate in Gymcana! You ask what Gymkana is? Well let me tell you what we told our kids.

"Welcome to Gymkana, a moment where you will put your Spanish skills, your team building skills and speed to the test! Your goal is to find the hidden treasures that are throughout Sevilla! Which ever group makes it back first with all the clues... Gets a prize!" (We said this in Spanish for our L&C kids of course)

The groups had 1 hour. 1 hour to find all the correct clues and make it back to our starting point. Did we mention it was all in Spanish? 
The groups of 5/6 set out to find the clues. They soon realized it was not as easy as it looked!! The teams chose a leader, decided how to maneuver and had lots of fun in the process!

As we reached minute 60 which was the end of Gymcana, one group ran towards the finish line!

Our Gymcana host checked all the answers and we had a winner! Soon after we had all sorts of kids of different groups running to the finish line! Everyone was red because they wanted to get to the finish line.
We ended our scavenger hunt by giving our 1st winning team a mini Spain notebook, our 2nd team got monument of Sevilla key chain too. 

We were all ready to leave when we found out there was a suprise for everyone who participated! Everyone was so excited! All the participants got a Espana magnet as a thank you for being such hard working students. (This was one of the first time ALL kids participated and finished the scavenger hunt!) 






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