Graffiti Art Lessons in Bercy

Graffiti Art Lessons in Bercy

Ever wonder how much thought and planning is required to create a graffiti masterpiece?  CIEE students learned first hand from graffiti artists that brainstorming, planning and collaboration are essential to a thoughtful work of art. Students met with Ateliers Graffiti Paris in the Bercy neighborhood for an afternoon of instruction and painting near a popular skate park.


Groups of students brainstormed words and ideas before ever drawing on paper.  These ideas led to a series of small drawings which then became a part of their masterpiece.  Artists instructed students on how to begin with the outline and fill in the shapes with color and lines.  Each piece of art represents the ideas and creativity of the students!

Graffiti art began in Philadelphia in the 1960's in subway stations and on buildings. This art form gained popularity in the 70’s as some pieces of art were considered masterpieces.  It soon spread around the world. French artist Jean-Michel Bosquait began his expression of art with graffiti and later became a respected artist. Another Frenchmen, Blek le Rat, has achieved international fame. While graffiti in the 80’s was considered a crime, today artists are more respected as they beautify cities and public spaces.  Who knows? Maybe one of our own CIEE students will someday create works of art for all to see!


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