Global Entrepreneurship in Berlin: Welcome!

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Le Tran

Almost 40 students were welcomed to Berlin's CIEE campus for the Global Entrepreneurship program this July. Through their fatigue from travel, students were eager to make new friends and learn about the neighborhood. On the first day, students went on a walking tour of our area after they got settled into their rooms. After a night's rest, we hit the town to give students the experience of riding the BVG system on their own (yay independence-building!). 

The weather was gorgeous on Monday--perfect for a walking tour of the city's main sites! We started at the Brandenburg Gate with an introduction to the history of Berlin and the formation of Germany. This was followed by passing by parliament building, the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe, and the Berlin Wall memorial. At each of these points, students asked meaningful questions and shared their experiences and feelings at each site. I was most impressed with the ways in which students expressed their perceptions of the Memorial for the Murdered Jews. Many shared how their various interpretations and feelings of being disoriented, trapped, anxious, or hopeful were reflective of the ways in which there isn't one particular narrative on how to remember the Holocaust. When we moved to other sites that remind people of the division of Berlin, students had great questions on socialism, history, and politics. Many shared their views on how political economies should function. 

Students wrapped up the day by having dinner in small groups at various restaurants throughout the city: some tried their first kebabs while others opted for Nepalese, Korean, or Turkish cuisine. 
Early Tuesday morning, students started their first day of classes: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and the landscape of business innovation in Germany. After lunch, students got their introduction to learning the German language where they'll gain some basic phrases and words to navigate Germany. So far we've embarked on an exciting experience of building knowledge and friendships. Here's to a fabulous summer session of growth!