Glendalough and Also a Talent Show!

Authored by:
Laurie Perrin

Today we headed out of the city to the gorgeous Wicklow Moutains National Park in Glendalough as well as the medieval city of Kilkenny. The National Park was absolutely beautiful and the weather could not have been better. Students got to explore the ancient monastery on the grounds, walk along scenic trails through the woods, and hang out by the water soaking up the unreal scenery. After wandering through the stone Monastery ruins, we walked through the woods, catching glimpses of the lake through the leaves. The view by the water was breathtaking, and students did their fair share of photoshoots. Driving away from the National Park, we stopped for one more photo op where we wound through giant boulders to see the view of the park from above. 

Last week on Wedndesday evening, we had a talent show. It was not on the calendar, the students organized it themselves! A few students sang and played an instrumental verson of their song in the background, some sang along to their favorite songs, while one student even showed off his guitar skills! Still another student performed a makeshift baton twirling routine. The students were super supportive of each other and all had a ton of fun. It was lovely seeing them all get along so well!

Right now we're resting after a busy day trip and will gather once more for dinner. Tomorrow we're off to DĂșn Laoghaire to spend some time by the sea!

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