Gaelic Games

Authored by:
Laurie Perrin

Yesterday students had the opportunity to learn and practice Gaelic Games from a couple Irish players who grew up with the sport. First they learned how to play hurling, which is a sport similar to field hockey and played with a ball and wooden stick. They were taught some basic moves and drills and then given time to practice and play against each other. Next they learned how to play Gaelic football, which is a field game played with a round football that can be caught, kicked, and hand passed. Again they practiced some moves and then were divided into teams to play against each other. 

Unfortunately we had one of our first rainy days of our time here, but the students prevailed! Luckily it only rained for a short time, and since it wasn't too sunny it never got too hot. The students had a blast playing around and competing with each other, and many said it was the highlight of their experience here. The guys doing the demonstrations said they enjoyed it as well, so it seems everyone had a great time. After having to quarantine for the first few days of the trip, it was nice for students to be active, spend time outside and get out some energy. I'm proud of our students for having such a good time despite the cooler weather and some rain!

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