Friday at the Gardens

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Leadership & Service in Children's Education

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Kaylee Haskell

After a busy first week filled with service, dancing, Twi classes and more, the Global Navigators traveled to the Legon Botanical Gardens to try their hand at a local ropes course. 

We began our afternoon with a picnic in the gardens with a delicious packed lunch made from our favorite restaurant, The Green Pepper. Following lunch, CIEE Legon’s own program coordinator, Ms. Rachel, made her way through the gardens to facilitate bystander intervention training for our Navigators. The students were able to brainstorm with their peers to create various verbal and nonverbal cues to be used amongst each other in any uncomfortable situation. Bystander intervention training was just one activity within the CIEE Leadership curriculum that provides our students with not only group collaboration but also facilitates trust building opportunities.

Enjoying beef stir fry at the gardens!

After nourishing their stomachs and minds, it was time to tackle the greatest feat of the day- the ropes course. Students were able to test their newly established skills surrounding trust and complete two different courses. The afternoon was filled with climbing rope ladders, jumping across floating wooden beams and gliding through the trees on ziplines. When the hard work was complete, the Navigators refueled on some local, fresh pressed juices. 

Smiles on our picnic!

The night ended with dinner and dancing at Chez Afrique; a restaurant that hosts a live band on Friday nights and is known for their array of local delicacies. The Navigators danced the night away and celebrated the completion of their first week of service in Ghana!



Today’s Twi phrase of the day is bibia bokoo which translates to all is well/life is good!