First Day of Class and Visiting Humana!

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Global Entrepreneurship

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Bridget Corcoran

On Tuesday, students had their first day of Global Entrepreneurship class in the morning! They met their teacher for the class and got started brainstorming ideas for their projects. In the afternoon, we traveled to the outskirts of Berlin to visit Humana's distribution center. While there, students got a tour of the facility and got to learn how the company functions. Our tour guide explained how they're able to stay profitable, by using an efficient sorting system, having set shifts, and hiring workers who can commit to the role for an extended period of time so resources aren't overspent on training new employees every few months. Students discussed how Humana's business model relates to social entrepreneurship and compared Humana to similar businesses back home.

On Wednesday, students had another morning of class, followed by another trip to Humana- this time, one of their retail stores. Students got to see how the organization at Humana's distribution center paid off at their retail stores, with thousands of pieces of clothing sorted amongst style decades, ages, and colors, throughout all 5 floors of the store. Afterward, we talked about the strengths of Humana's business model and what challenges they might face compared to other retail stores.