Finding Our Groove in Ghana: Ghanian Singing and Dancing Workshop

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Brooke Kearney

One of the best ways to learn about a new culture is through music and arts. The Ghanaian singing and drumming workshop was a great introduction to the Ghanaian way of life. Ghana has a rich musical history. With over 50 indigenous languages spoken, in Ghana there is so much to learn! However, before we could learn the songs and moves we first learned the history of the drums. Our talented instructor, Brown, broke down the various types of African drums and the meaning behind many of the symbols on the drums. All drums have names, deriving anywhere from the material they are made of to the divinity from which it is associated. Once we learned the history it was time to practice! Brown first taught us a quick rhythm to help us learn some songs. The students caught on quickly, despite the song being in Twi, the local indigenous language. Then the students learned the dance moves to match the rhythm of the songs. Finally, we added the instruments and drums to bring it all together. The bells set the rhythm, all the percussion must follow the bells. Then the drums and rattle create the beat. Students had a great time letting loose and finding the beat. Then it was time to perform!