Finding the Comedy in Irish Life

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Global Entrepreneurship

Today was a fabulous day of wrapping up projects, visiting an amazing cafe focused on community activisim, and exploring an Icon Walk through the lives of some iconic Irish men and women. Although our group has heard A LOT about the famine, we also found a way to laugh at some of the lighter aspects of Irish history at a comedy show this evening. 

Today's student spotlight is our fantastic entrepreneur, Dev Stolkiner.  Here are his thoughts and reactions for the day: 

Can you tell us a little bit about the big final project that your group is working on in class?  What are you expected to produce and what is your group's concept? 

"Me and my group’s final project is focused around choices and healthy eating. It is a fresh market restaurant, where you can go and experience a market setting, choosing off an inspired menu. You choose what you want to go in the dish and the cook will prepare it for you. This idea is completely new to Dublin, I hope to plan a totally new concept."

What did you think about the Bang Bang Cafe site visit?  What made their concept unique? 

"Bang Bang Cafe was unique because the social unity that the cafe creates. The cafe supports local causes. These create traffic in the cafe and is even named after a local figure."

Now that the program is coming to a close, what are one or two major takeaways you have from your experiences here? 

"I have learned a lot about local businesses. Talking to locals about being an entrepreneur was very productive in learning about business. I did not have much knowledge about planning a business and learning about the financial aspect was very interesting to learn. These are the big take always of the program." 

Dev is a rising sophomore from Brooklyn, New York.