Final Words of Farewell

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Kaylee Haskell

Kaylee Haskell

After completing our third and final week, our Global Navigators reflected on their experiences in Ghana and summed it up into just one word. 

Belle: "Eye-opening because I was able to learn a bunch of new things."

Alaza: "Homey. It was basically another home away from home because everyone was really nice and like family, which is something we have back home. Everybody grows up together and everybody treats each other like family."


Joci: "Memorable because of all of the experiences."

Kayden: "Exhilarating because I've been thrown into a new environment full of experiences that I've never had before."

Sydnie: "Eye-opening because it was my first time traveling outside of the country and experiencing a new culture outside of my own."

Jane: "Impactful because not only was it impactful on me, but it helped me able to be impactful in the future and here [in Ghana]."

Leora: "Memorable because I've made a lot of new friends and did things that I've never done before."

Simi: "Rewarding because I just really enjoyed hanging out with the kids and just being here."

Jenna: "Memorable. After learning from primary four children and creche children– how they learn differently– and just being able to teach them and get to know them was a really rewarding experience."

Fatuma: "Connecting because I really connected with the place here, being an African country, and also with the people."

Lena: "Epic. I think that while I've been here that I'm never going to forget it [the experiences had in Ghana]. It's been one of the coolest experiences of my life; and I think that's the meaning of epic."

Ellen: "Unforgettable because I met so many cool people and did so many cool things. It's just been the best experience of my life."

Paige: "Ghana was eye-opening because I've never experienced anything like it. I traveled so far and got the best experience I've ever had."

Amelia: "Fulfilling because this is an experience unlike anything I've ever done before and it most definitely changed my life. I'll remember this for, without a doubt, the rest of my life."

Program Leader Keyandra: "Phenomenal. These students were all very open-minded when they came; they all wanted to just jump right into the culture, service, different foods– how spicy it was. The fact that they were all willing to come together; I feel like this is probably the most cohesive group I've seen. They've embraced everyone's different personalities and quirks and they have really found the true essence of Ghana which is family."


We landed safely in JFK early Sunday morning and parted ways as we headed to our connecting flights back to our various corners of the U.S.. Laughs were shared and tears were shed as we all said goodbye– or "see you later."

It's only fitting that there's no word for goodbye in Twi, so for now we will say "see you later"– Yeb3hyia bio!



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