Final Projects!

Authored by:
Ami Hauser

Ami Hauser

Our three weeks in Morocco have gone by  way too fast! During the course of the program, our students have been researching different topics concerning Moroccan society and culture.    The last day of class was reserved for project presentations.  Each student chose a different topic to research depending on their interestes.  For example,  students chose to research ethical tourism, ocean pollution in Morocco, architectural modernity in Morocco, Cannabis Industry in the Rif Mountains, the Coexistence of the old city versus the new city of Rabat. 

Students presented their research findings, explained the history of their topics, any economic, societal or environmental issues that are connected with their findings and proposed possible solutions.  They really showed great insight, analysis and critical thinking through the process and honed their leadership skills.

Other students and staff asked follow up questions at the end of the presentations.  We discussed how their personal view and awareness had changed after doing this project and students described how they will take what they have  learned back to their communities and schools in the United States. 

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