Final Presentations

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Danielle Mason

Danielle Mason

For their final projects, students worked in groups to prepare presentions on different topics connected to marine science.

Matteo, Sam, Kiana and Caitlin talk about endagered species

There was a wide variety in themes ranging from endagered species to marine protection.

Mac, Alex, Becca and Edward tell us about marine protection areas.

Each group used knowledge they had gained in class as well as their own research to give their presentations on our last day in Spain.

Henry, Bella, Olivia and Natalie's presentation on endagered and threatened animals. 

They impressed us all with their expertise, insight and innovative ideas regarding what we need to do to protect our oceans and the life that they contain.

Alton, Jordan, Alejandra and Chris share what they know about fish diversity. 

The next step in their final projects will be to bring these ideas home to share with their families, friends and communities. 

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