Final Days of Service and Leadership in Legon

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Leadership & Service in Children's Education

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Rachel McGowan

This is the last week of Service and Leadership activities in Legon, Ghana. Some of the activities to round up the Global Navigator experience were the Batik and Tie and Dye workshop, a soccer match, and final project presentations. The students learned about the differences between Batik and Tie and Dye, and tapped into their creative abilities by making individual designs and patterns on their cloths. The students also participated in a soccer match with a group of young people enrolled in an after school program called Play & Learn.

The Global Navigators also continued to work with the students of Future Leaders during their final week of school before summer break.

Lastly, the Global Navigators made their final project presentations. They focused on making connections from the content learned to life in their home country. Students shared their experiences in Ghana and explained how they can apply what they have learned in their communities in the United States.

-Sandra and Rachel