Farewell from Dublin

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Global Entrepreneurship

Today, our entrepreneurs completed their final day in the program.  It's hard to believe the program went so quickly, but on Saturday, everyone will be catching their flights back to the United States or continuing their journeys elsewhere with their families.  For the final day in class, students did fabulous presentations with their groups.  They had to pitch their business ideas in a Dragon's Den or Shark Tank type format for their "investors," and we were absolutely blown away by their creativity, professionalism, and passion.  Tonight, we will be wrapping up the trip with a final farewell celebration, but we wanted to leave you with some final thoughts from our entrepreneurs in their own words. 

We asked each student to share an unforgettable moment from the trip and these were their responses: 

"Taking a nap on the hill in Howth." - Jack 

"The time we played "Never Have I Ever" because it was the first time we were all real and laughing with each other.  It was also the first time I got to know people." - Theresa 

"Swing dancing in the boys' kitchen, talking jazz with Leo, and cooking bacon." - Emiliano 

"The Chew Chew Train" - Leo

"Becoming closer with people in Westport.  Hanging with Jack, Tess, Vaneeza, and Ellie." - Colin

"Getting to know everyone through Cards Against Humanity on night one." - Quinn 

"One of my favorite moments was watching the Gaelic football game with people." - Naomi 

"When me and Tess passed notes when all the girls were hanging out in the kitchen." - Sofia

"Getting ready for the Gaelic football game with all the girls." - Vaneeza 

"Hanging out with Colin in the EPIC museum." - Ellie

"Playing games in the social space." - Dev

"Playing cards in the girls' kitchen with all of the girls and Barb or sitting at St. Stephen's Green on a bench." - XinXin

"The Dún Laoghaire carnival and street fair." - Mike

"Being at St. Stephen's Green with XinXin.  She finished drawing a beautiful vase with a flower while I wrote a poem.  And then I was telling her about one of my incomplete stories and I had forgotten the rest of the world even existed." - Janet 

This trip was absolutely unforgettable and I've been so lucky to experience Dublin with this amazing group of students.  Safe travels!