A FAN-tastic way to stay cool in Palma

Authored by:
Samantha Dodson

Samantha Dodson

In case you haven’t heard, it’s been very hot in Palma these days….

…but a heat wave isn’t going to stop us! We’re all drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated and looking for sombra, or shade whenever possible, but there’s also another trend that is spreading through the group: "los abanicos".

Los abanicos, or hand fans, have been a tradition in Spain for centuries and have had many uses over the years - from use in ceremonies, to an instrument for non-verbal flirting, to more practical uses like keeping away insects or creating a personal breeze on a hot day. Although they have become less widely used over recent years, los abanicos are characteristic of Spanish culture and each one boasts its own color and style. 

Most of the group has already found a fan that they liked and they are sure glad that they did. There’s nothing like a cool breeze on your face during a hot day in Palma!



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