Family both near (Spain) & far (USA)

Authored by:
Cynthia Sánchez

In the US family is very important as well as it in Spain. It was probably very hard to leave their family back home and embark on a new adventure and culture and meet new people. Day 1 at the airport there were many mixed emotions some were nervious, some scared, and some were very excited. 


As time went they got to spend time with their new family and friends. And they too became their second family. Getting accustomed to the time difference, Spain's heat, delicious meals wasn't easy but they adjusted very well. One thing I know they will miss is the quality time they had eating all 3 meals together and speaking to their host family in Spanish sometimes til midnight. 


 I think this experience of having a host family will leave a lasting memory of a friendly bond you made here. Not only did the students live with a family for a month but they became part of their family and surely made lifelong friends here in Seville, Spain ~ Summer 2021.


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