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Andreina Santamaria

Andreina Santamaria

Last week was an eventful week for students! After being hosted by Mohammedia students at the ALC, it was Rabat LCs turn to host them. On Thursday, our students got to be tour guides for the day, while further exploring Rabat. Students throughout the tour visited: Hassan Tower, Mausoleum of Mohammed V, Andalusian Gardens, Oudaya and of course the old Medina.

Instead of doing community conversations in Agdal we departed for the old Medina. The community conversations of the day were centered around bargaining. In the Medina students had to go to shops and ask the price of one item and compare that same item (and price) to another shop. Students had to report to their PLs their findings: Which one was more expensive? What was the price of the item in each shop?

After CCs, Mohammedia students arrived and all students ate around the Bab l Hedd. To start off their tour of Rabat, students and CIEE staff went on a flouka tour. Floukas are small fishermen boats that fit 5 to 8 people, located in the Rabat Marina. On the floukas, students were able to get a closer look of the old Medina and admire its beauty. The second stop of the tour was Hassan Tower and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V. At Hassan Tower, everyone was given free time to explore and take pictures. Hassan Tower dates to the Almohad Caliphate in 1195 and construction stopped at 1199 after the Caliph’s death. Hassan Tower still stands to this day but remains unfinished.

The next stop and last stop was, L Oudaya, located next to the beautiful Kasbah. At l Oudaya, students walked through the blue and white streets and ended up at the Oudaya balcony. The balcony gives you a panoramic view of Rabat and the ocean. Nearby, at a qhwa, all students sat down for Moroccan mint tea and to debrief about their day.

This weekend students visited another city, Marrakech! This week you’ll be able to hear about students directly from them. We’ll start posting students blogs very soon.

Stay tuned!

PL Andi



Kasbah = fortress

Qhwa = cafĂ©  

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